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Scientists Edit

Balancing your scientists is an essential game component and should never be overlooked. Scientists unlock and maintain critical bonuses for a competitive Kingdom, and are built into the game to balance against exponential growth once a certain KD gains a considerable advantage. There are dynamic bonuses which must be maintained based on your total land, and static researches which unlock additional technology to considerably empower your kingdom.

It's difficult to design a general catch-all formula for sci count, but if you're totally new to scientists - keeping 2-4x your land in scientists as a rule of thumb will typically let you maintain most of your researches until you have a better understanding of them. Researches progressively increase in difficulty to maintain as your kingdom, so the later the game has progressed (and in theory as your KD grows), it will require a higher "ratio" of scientists to maintain.

Basic Research Strategy Edit

If you would like to know more about research strategies, please check out Advanced Guide: Research.

Land Based Researches Edit

Land based Researches improve the efficiency of your kingdom.

The points needed to maximize these researches increase based on your land.

In game you can see how many points are required in order maximize these researches.

The formula to calculate the amount of points needed to maximize a land based research is the following:

Research Points Needed = land x land x factor

Name Benefit Max % Bonus
Population Bonus Increases Population 20
Power Bonus Increases Power Production 50
Military Bonus Increases Military Strength 30
Money Bonus Increases Income 25
Warp Drive Decreases Attack Time 20

Economical Focused Researches Edit

Name Benefit Points Required Research Required to Unlock
Fusion Technology
Energy Core Fusion Technology
Probe Armour Fusion Technology
Longevity Vesudian Core

Military Focused Researches Edit

Name Benefit Points Required Research Required to Unlock
Laser Dragoons
High Guard Lancers Dragoons & Laser Dragoons
Vesudian Core High Guard Lancers
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